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About Us

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FLABLE Co., Ltd. is a startup that researches and develops electric patient carriers and multi-functional medical beds.  We have independently researched and developed a linear actuator-based medical device belonging to the mobility aid device.

Flable is actively conducting business centered on domestic distributors and university hospitals in the metropolitan area, starting with KMC-1. We are expanding our business further by challenging the global market, starting with exporting to China at the end of 20 years.  


In the future, Flable will put priority on customer value and strive for R&D, strive to receive the best evaluation for customer service first, and grow into a specialized medical device company that can grow together with customers.

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308 Main Building, 77, Nowon-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea


Tel: 053-215-2011

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